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I will tell a little about myself: There is more to this website than many realize, and she is.
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You are such a nice girl

They are the beauty who you know didn't soul auch at a bar or go on a Meeting. Now I even what it posted. The need of being nice agreeable, hand at the cost of your own committed health. They would invite the world in.

So what do we have here? Nice people finish last. Now I'm not going to harp on the guy part of it. You guys usch bro, you get it. Some of you, if not most, have hearts and know how to treat a lady I think. Hell, I call my guy friends when I need a heart to heart or a pick me up after a dude turns into a total butthead.

But for the life age me, some of you Yu pick the worst vaginas ever to lock it up with, nicr I can't understand why. So before you go thinking the girl you just met who with 19 pounds of makeup on and a tight dress is the girl you should marry because the butt selfie she posted on Instagram looks great, think about these five You are such a nice girl nixe you do it. And realize nice girls don't do this, mainly because they don't have to. Shouldn't you guys just know this? I work in a pretty dude dominated bar in Midtown Manhattan. Lots of not-so-attractive guys in suits making out with and paying for women who if you took off their makeup and took out their hair extensions, would look like that meth head who actually signed the release to be shown on the show "Cops.

Those aren't good people. I have never in my life asked a guy to pay for anything. I pay for my dinners unless a guy fights me to a point of embarrassment in front of the waitress. I never ask for gifts. And I certainly would never take my boyfriend's credit card and go to town on it.

Five Reasons Every Guy Should Pick the Nice Girl

Is the sex really that worth nnice You can jack off into a gigl and not only is virl cheaper but it's probably got Free sex dating in pueblo co 81013 of a skch than women who use men for money. These women are scammers. And yet you're throwing your money at them like they're the only lady bits in the world. Don't date gold diggers. Don't date women who are more impressed by your car, your apartment and your bank account than they are by your ability to simply have a cool conversation and do the right thing. Because if happens again, you're chick will be gone a lot faster than that case of the clap she gave you, and all your money will have gone out the door with the absurd shoe collection you bought her from Bergdorf.

Don't Date Cleat Chasers, especially if you're an athlete These women are awful. Sure, they're probably hot. Sre live in Arizona or LA or Miami, they're blonde and tiny. But when you're hooked up to a Suvh whose only quality is her looks -- no substance, ambition or depth -- who is hoping to use your name to parlay their C-list looks into an MTV or Oxygen show, or some kind of gig where their boobs and butt nlce them 'good at it, you nicf you're screwed because they really have no other life skills and can't sustain their clothes shopping habit on a 35K a year salary as an office manager. These girls don't love you. They You are such a nice girl knowing some athlete picked them.

If Yoj wasn't you, it'd be your third baseman. And they love the attention. Make out with chicks for attention, and tweet pics of themselves in 70 different positions in the same dress for attention. Look at their Instagram -- any pictures with friends? Just selfies in a mirror with a tight dress on. I'm sure she is super modest and has loads to converse about. Pick the girl who loves the guy, not the attention the guy's job brings. If a chick has a laundry list of crazy that's laid out on websites like Baller Alert, Deadspin or The Dirty, maybe think twice about whether or not she's a good girl with good intentions.

I can rarely get a guy to buy me a second beer, yet some chicks get rocks on the second date. But I do get it. And sometimes, if not most times, I assume a guy puts a ring on a chick because he gets it. Because she IS it. Because she's not the gold digger, cleat chaser, bad person who is using you for sperm so she can divorce you, marry the pool boy and get alimony and child support so she never has to work. That you figured that out for yourself after years of dating or whatever. I feel like some guys are smart. I've heard horror stories about women who hours after saying I do, are going off the paranoia deep end accusing their husband of hitting on bridesmaids, or getting angry over Maxim Magazine subscriptions, or spending their husband's money on things like bags shoes and clothes at rates that made the dudes from "Wolf of Wall Street" look frugal.

These women are like their own personal cottage industry. And when the guy wises up and divorces her, you'll see her wandering around the party cities like Miami and L. And guys will learn. Just don't be the guy who, once the real girl comes out, goes into denial that the level of normalcy she presented pre-ring was as real as that pair of fake boobs you bought her. They would invite the intruder in. Either by physical entry or by conversation because they were afraid they would not come across as nice. It is different from being nice I believe that you can still keep the peace and maintain respect for another without having to become insincere. As I have started coming into my phase as an adult woman, I have more and more appreciated the manners and rules of etiquette.

You see, being polite actually gives you the tools to set your boundaries with grace. It allows you to speak your mind with very precise, accurate words without speaking in half truths. Let me give you an example of statements of a nice person. I don't remember saying that. Don't worry about it. The practice of being nice is about satisfying the other, while being polite is about speaking your mind. Everybody's friend is nobody's friend My mother used to say this to me and I never understood it till I became an adult. Now I understand what it meant. Someone who is always trying to be nice to everyone will always be in a position where they will be in at least one insincere conversation.

Without judgment, I would say that many people like to fall in this category not realizing that it can really harm their credibility for trust. And they put themselves in compromising situations and conversations that may be considered backbiting. I heard a very interesting description of nice recently. Many people can manipulate you by showing you that they are nice. We should admire qualities of politeness and respect others even when they are not satisfying us or agreeing with us. As a generation of women that are multitasking, taking charge of our affairs and raising families we should throw out this literally powerless word, "nice," when it comes to describing a person and replace it with words that actually mean something.

I would suggest "fair, trustworthy, honest, patient and yes, polite.

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