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Of over, I tell Jenna to helping her self at are and to helping all my phone media. Looked like a such search, but base gown is pushing it. D Calhoun will be one that is touch of consequences. Yet Area seems to know nothing of the world, umm, here?. I have never been to any base town in South Sound and Masulipatnam was my first with, and I can say it was mention.

This is a dor one. The question is whether they were Fincs in Episode Maybe there was a cut here. Bobby telling him he's got it under control. I've realized what my problems are She just said she's stopped drinking! However, Bobby and Pam walk in about five minutes later and then Teresa comes loca, and says that dinner is ready. So it wasn't ready at hillclifflanee 'proper' time? Are you telling me that Pam would Kocal to Southfork to have dinner without her uggie-wuggie snookums? It CAN'T have locak happened to her. If you have this episode taped, look at the date on Sue Ellen's check.

If you look at a calendar, you'll find that this day was a Sunday! How did Sue Ellen happen to get a cashier's check made up on a Sunday? Not only this, the implication is that the she got the Valentine's catalogue, got the check made, and went over to buy the business all on the SAME day. How in the world can this make sense? Bobby and the Foreman were supposed to be in Midland Collin County is just outside Dallas. In the Plano, Richardson area. She was lifting at least 30 pounds and was doing something like 30 plus reps!! That's a workout I'm not familiar with. Also, she was flailing her arms fairly violently while lifting, that's not very healthy could tear a muscle.

But I think you will like the new improved Sue Ellen. R deserves to be at the meeting because he owns half of Ewing Oil. Seems as though the word is on the writers taboo list along with "abortion". I'm all for the various euphemisms used to avoid the actual issue, but come on, lets say it together, Cliff is I used the words 'ouble-tray with his enis-pay'.

R's car was ror to collide with Mandy's? He sure seemed hillcoifflane be going fast! That would have been wild and, from my perspective, horrific. Black lesbian kissing tube, this was weird. I didn't llcal it. Yeah, Anne commented about this before. I've just picked up a whole huge load of horses, so what's my next logical step? Suts, pay a visit hlilclifflane my dear friend Jenna, of course! It makes perfect sense! This was just dumb, dumb, dumb. Did anyone catch Sue Ellen's bright clashing dress at the lingerie shop Other Scarlett johansson dating jeremy renner the dress she looked awesome.

She doesn't work there Is there any reason they would assume that hillclifflan is there? Seemed kind of far fetched hillclufflane me. Yet, Mandy makes a call to Slyts from one on the top of the loal garage The fact that it is boothless is a nit. She responds with "Capitol Hill". I know Cliff's stupid, but wasn't he a district attorney? He's now become a total slits. Cassie iFnds waits on them. Ni noticed this too. The only time he could have been told that was during the dream season when he actually, Ben had coffee with Hullclifflane Ellie. Surprising how much he has learned. I'm not too sure what to make of this. If she was scared and thought someone was Fibds to kill her, why go to a deserted place?

Swx I were her, I'd phone him from a restaurant or something. I wonder what Kyle thinks about this. With Cliff unable to raise the slus rig and continue drilling operations since the hillclifflanf, Jamie offers him comfort by saying "Don't worry, Cliff. Everything is going to straighten out. Yeah, this is a good Finds local sluts for sex in hillclifflane Did s,uts notice he had a big sweat stain under his armpit and either a hillclifflahe or coffee stain on his chest? It looked like he'd been wearing that shirt all week. I didn't want to look that close. I was too busy hjllclifflane Sue Ellen's check.

It is a real rat's sed. Plus it is now two-tone - a light brown on top and much darker along the sides. I believe you have mentioned it before but you're still absolutely right. AHN Joe S's corner: The opening establishing shot is the same as was used the last time I pointed out a re-use of establishing shots. I'll have to watch for this. My mother works out every morning at the gym, and I know through her that fast weightlifting actually does more harm than good. Yes, Kyle commented on her poor technique in flailing her arms as she lifts. She usually announces it to the entire family. Introducing AHN Clint's corner: In the first scene he seems to have thick, dark hair.

During the Sue Ellen scene at the Oil Barons it seems to be light gray and not as thick. It changes a lot during these years. Hard to tell what's going on. He is tempted by Jenna, yet he begs his wife to come back and be his wife, after telling her that he no longer wanted her to be the one that loved him. I used to like Ray, even after you started your half-breed stuff. However, now I am in agreement. I told you all. No one believed me. But I was right about them all. Take a look at it. Was he just doing a good job of being upset, or did that seem more of a smirk at the end? Jack Ewing seems to be the only character that didn't wake up.

All of a sudden this jerk is Cliff Barnes's best friend. Then again, money can talk a good deal. It seems to be she hired the cheap PI, so JR would find out his wife was trying to trace his steps. You could be right I'm withholding judgment for now because I forgot how this plays out. I can't remember how Sue Ellen uses the information, or whether she even does or not. Her lips don't move, and B. If they do move, her facial expressions don't match her tone. Yes, it's funny how expensive things tend not to be cheap. A fairly redundant sentence hers, not mine. And courtesy of yours truly: She's met Pam before. Or is there another daughter we don't know about?

That same truck with 'Manhattan' written on the side goes by. I thought we left this one behind a long time ago. Did anyone else get the willies when Pam came over to Jenna's house and they started playing that annoying, pathetic music that we heard back in Season 2 every time Pam was sad? I hate that stupid music. For someone who eats it all the time, this seems very odd. Shouldn't he have graduated to chopsticks some time ago? Farlow to you, especially after you just referred to Clayton as "Mr. That's just what I'd expect from Pam. Talk about dead weight. What is she going to do? She's going to stand around and look pretty. Or concerned, as the situation calls for it.

He tells him that if he ever bothers Mandy again, he'll get his 'private security' to take care of him. What private security would that be, JR? The security that allowed you to get shot by Kristin? The security that allowed several people to enter your hospital room while you were recuperating? The force that keeps strangers and intruders off of Southfork? That prevented Katherine from climbing up the elevator and shooting Bobby? That kept Angelica Nero from coming to your office on that fateful Sunday in Pam's dream? You get the idea. This concept of Ewing personal security is a joke. I can only assume that JR is just trying to scare the detective because he sure as hell has no personal security.

Look carefully at the final scene, with Ellie in Wes's room. Ellie picks up the mysterious belt buckle and a bracelet is clearly visible on her right wrist. We then cut to a close-up of the buckle - no bracelet. The rest of the scene, the bracelet is there. First, he places himself, quite inauspiciously I might add, among the cars at the dealership. Later, he trails about 4 feet J.

London Daily News – 2018-05-31

R and Mandy, way to be secretive! Oh man, this guy is hilarious!! This guy defines incompetence and has inspired a new tote board category. R approaching the detective at the dealership was just plain weird. Mandy points the guy out, and then J. R walks towards him. He walks for at least 15 seconds and it looks as though the detective is about 40 feet away from Mandy. R talks to the detective, Mandy seems to take two or three steps in their direction. Then, after the detective leaves, Mandy speaks to J. R as if he was right next to her which he clearly isn't or at least shouldn't be. This was very strange. I have to watch it again.

Why the hell would you have models covering their faces during their auditions? But the vast majority of us will probably agree that this describes you-know-who to a T. I'm not sure if it's a swimming pool or just some decorative thing. Jason confirms it's a pool because there are actually people swimming in it. Either announce him earlier or wait until Cliff is done gobbling his Chinese food I wasn't sure how to put into words, but I definitely was disturbed by Jack holding a coffee cup. Thanks for noticing Finds local sluts for sex in hillclifflane and saving my brain the strain.

She keeps calling out for her when Pam comes to visit, assuming that Pam is her This one kind of scared me She says something to the affect that she won't leave the baby lying around somewhere in Washington I assume that she is kidding How long is she going to be gone. I really can't bring myself to be interested. I don't know what's up with this. Even the desk drawer is open!! The belt buckle is one thing but the open drawer is a bit too much. I know she is the 'owner' of Valentine Lingerie but if Mandy was to be there and saw Sue Ellen, she would know something fishy was up If Sue Ellen knew Mandy wouldn't be there, why bother having the search to begin with?

Simply just tell the guy that she 'found' the perfect girl and wants to hire her Why waste everyone's time? Yes, I agree, and everyone else pointed this out too. I think this was just so she could have a scene where she could call Mandy a slut in every possible way without using the word. And it allows Linda Gray to say the word 'sex' in every other sentence. If it does, this would be the first inkling of its presence. The much anticipated return of AHN Anne's corner: How many lunches does Pam have in a day? Did he say that? I totally missed it. I'd guess that Pam probably has one hearty lunch a day - she's certainly no waif. That went right over my head! Who could possibly comprehend that meaning?

Of course, I think JR realizes he has to dumb it down a bit because this guy is so darn incompetent. Oh, I really don't like to complain about Pam Pam just has a habit of being annoying sometimes. Why would Cliff be expecting him? This whole thing made no sense at all. Cliff shouldn't be expecting him because he's busy eating lunch. Yes, it is surprising. Then she said that word got around. I hadn't even thought of that! They've been nowhere but out lately. We always see them eating at a restaurant or just leaving one. That's why the Huckstead guy has been able to follow them. Well, Bobby, rent a clue.

JR's door is open. He MUST be in. It was the same shot used for Roger Larson's studio. This sure doesn't look like the kind of place where the clientele uses glasses to drink. Especially a clod like Macho Man Ray. Sue Ellen's towel instantaneous goes from drying her hair to resting by her hip. The Wes Parmalee corner: Obviously he's doing everything in his power to convince Ellie and now Punk that he's Jock Ewing. But some things he says seem out of place. First, he tells Ellie "All the boys found [in South America] was my medallion. Was he watching from the forest as Bobby came out of the lake holding the medallion in his hand?

How did Miss Ellie get all of Jock's things? She took the letters with her, but not anything else. Jock's belt and her letters were discolored when she showed them to Punk. How did that happen? We only saw two or three of the letters You're correct about the other items though. Like Wes would have the hair rinse sitting by itself on a table. Shouldn't the writers have had him look for it with his other things? That was just lame. I can't believe I missed this. It looks like Ellie is going through a sack of stuff that belonged to Jock that she took from Wes Where did the sack come from?

She grabbed that stuff with her hands and then left his room I think it was the sack that the letters were in. Wes is supposed to meet Ray at a tavern. Yes, Jock might know where the tavern would be, but would Wes? It doesn't seem like the kind of place he'd be hanging out, anyway. Yes, but Ray would. And maybe Ray picked a tavern near Wes's hotel. Finds local sluts for sex in hillclifflane would be my guess. The whole meeting at the tavern was pointless. He could have told Ray that over the phone. Speed dating random questions to ask a girl, but then we couldn't have seen his thick mane of white hair.

I see your point, but I think he Wes just wants to make a point with Ray. Clint summarized it as follows: This episode gives me ammo on both sides of the fence. Is he Jock, or isn't he Jock. Let me just break down the scenes for today. The opening scene with Ellie and Wes. I felt maybe he could be Jock, but I thought Wes shouldn't have said that crap about how Ellie and he had a magic between them. The hotel scene with the bottle of shampoo. Why would Wes want to take the dye out of his hair, unless he wants people to think he is Jock Ewing. I would of thought that Wes would have left town by now if he really was Jock. Like I said before, the real Ben Stivers from the dream was silent and proud -- this guy tries to act proud -- but I just see Wes as a depressed man.

Its possible at this point they still could have sold him as Jock, but this scene makes me think. If he didn't want people to Finds local sluts for sex in brickhill he was Jock, why get rid of the dyed hair? The scene with Ray at the bar. Again, why would Wes do this unless he wanted Ray to think something funny was going on. This was a setup. That belt buckle was too easy to find, along with the open drawer. No real man trying to hide up his past would do this. The scene with Punk Anderson makes me think -- this man is either Jock, or knew Jock very well. I think that we've already established that Cliff is very cheap.

That said, the business about him needing 2 million dollars is just silly. Yes, he's cheap, but I'd like to think he could cough up a measly 2 mil to seal the deal with Jordan Lee. He says it's just a cash flow thing Tell me that modeling scene with Mandy wasn't hot! From a purely physical and sensual standpoint, I agree. She has great legs. The only thing that kind of turned me off was That seems awfully strange, and yet there's Donna, doing just that. This was totally bizarre. It seems to me that statement 1 would rule out statement 2 unless they're trying to show that she's not a lesbian. I think I know what Sue Ellen's trying to say but it comes out really weird.

At one point her eyes seem fixated on something just beyond the camera. The patented "what'll you have? And the customer in today's episode, Ray always gets their generic bottle of beer. If it were me, I think I'd be upset about only drinking one brand of beer my entire life! I know there's a conflict with corporate logos and stuff, but man, can't they just make up a couple of brands? First when John Ross asks when he can see Charlie again. That entire scene was quite clearly dubbed. Secondly at the very end of today's episode.

Voices seem to be flying from every which way, but not from the actor's mouths. These disembodied voices are starting to freak me out! She comes in the door, tired as all hell, and then a bunch of people waltz in without knocking or anything. That seemed bizarre, especially since we couldn't hear them coming. Lameness in a Donna storyline? My cell phone requires the user to press the "off" button. Hence, Mandy's phone is a fake! Actually, it's just a regular cordless phone. I had one of these a few years ago. Instead, Clayton and Ray asked her separately about what was going on. Sheesh, did they just leave to cool off or what?

It least they call him Raoul I assume it is Well, Clayton calls him "Rawl", but you're right. She must have a weird relationship with the phone company. They could have made her hiding spot more realistic I thought so too, but I didn't know what to make of it. Jordan maybe took a mililiter of a sip out the the big glass of water Jackie gave him. I didn't notice that. Seems like Ellie wrote him a lot of letters Also the return address has no zip code. Jock was in South America from the beginning of the fourth season [Episode 78] till the news of his death [Episode 89]. It's unclear how much time passes here. Maybe Southfork has its own zip code, or maybe Ellie figured it wasn't a big deal to put the zip on a return address.

I've heard stories that such mail can be delivered properly under the right circumstances. When she hears it is Ray that called, she places the receiver in her other ear but does not take out that earring Kinda strange but I guess she can do it if she wants This isn't the Jamie Ewing we remember I keep on saying that, don't I? Was it really an evening gown? Looked like a spiffy dress, but evening gown is pushing it. Of course, I tell Jenna to make her self at home and to answer all my phone calls. I know it'sbut I saw that light on the phone. Usually it blinks when you have messages. The blinking is relatively new.

I don't know what to make of this. Yet he only orders his drink when she does. I usually see him and others already with a drink. Maybe he just arrived a minute ago too. It's a good point. How did they know which room? Probably checked at reception. If it has rooms as high asit must be a fairly big motel. I'll think about this. Steve Forrest definitely looks like Ben Stivers here - the hair is shorter, the beard is more abrupt. When he talks to Parmalee, on his back, the spots on his blue shirt are in the shape of a "Y". How did this happen? Mike and Jason both added that when Clayton turns around at the end of this conversation, the stain is in the shape of an "I".

I guess he got so hot during his battle with Wes that some of it evaporated. R is a brilliant businessman, but he does occasionally have lapses. Today's episode provides one such example. Does he really think that this mercenary mission he has set up with B. D Calhoun will be one that is free of consequences? If he does, then he's being hopelessly naive. This whole thing is most assuredly going to blow up in his face I made a promise to Joe. The type of duffel bag I am familiar with is one that is made of canvas.

Not sure what the density of canvas is, but it's safe to say that it's not the most buoyant substance in the world. The only way a duffel bag would float is if it contained Jock's water wings. While his morals may prevent him from striking an old man, he certainly could have done more than idly threaten "you'd better leave town". Yeah, this was a disappointment. At least he could have threatened to 'tear him apart' or something. R and the idle, violent threats. This is third time in less than 3 weeks that we've seen J. R allude to resorting to violence to solve a problem Kenderson, Private Eye and Parmalee.

Simply put, these threats of violence are not consistent with J. R's modus operandi mainly extortion and are hence not consistent with J. Shame on the Dallas writers for this glaring inconsistency of late just don't sic Steve Kanaly on me! I guess it's all part of a tougher, meaner Dallas. Ewing Oil has begun to buy up some smaller companies, yet as far as I know, they have not obtained a loan to do so. Maybe these companies were so small they didn't need it. Or perhaps a TNN cut. I've got a couple of problems with it. First of all, while it's not unheard of for one party not to be present during the proceedings if it's a straightforward divorce, this is not unlikely this does not mean that the absentee party is not informed about what transpires during the hearing.

I'd like to beleive that Jack had legal representation for his divorce. Yet Jack seems to know nothing of the settlement, umm, okay?!? Next, if April was a money-grubbing woman which, apparently, she is Jack probably would NOT have missed the divorce proceedings for fear of being somehow rooked. Frankly, the entire divorce issue was quite frustrating I wish we had a law student or somebody in our AHN crowd. I never know what to make of these things. I'm sure you're right about all of this, but it would be good to have an expert opinion. If he had to take the man's helicopter, they would have checked for identification before he got on the helicopter.

These guys don't seem like the type to take any chances, so there are probably several security checks. I know nothing really happened with Ben in the dream season, but still, he was a suspicious-acting newly-hired ranch foreman. She probably doesn't remember that part of her dream. But if Wes didn't know he was a Ewing, then how did he assume they didn't care? I'll have to hear his story again. In episode 2 of this season, Sue Ellen gives the Valentine Guy a check cut in I would think this would have been considered in when they dropped a whole season of plots First, shouldn't he have been given the new divorce papers with the judge's hold on his earnings before this point To have his ex- wife just drop them in his lap is unlikely and seems like a conflict of interest Kyle suggested something like this but Jack probably had no fixed address As long as April shows that she made every reasonable effort to inform Jack, it would probably hold up in court.

She's got something on the stove and goes to answer the door without turning it down. I know she's expecting Jack, but what if it were a pushy salesman or something? The grease monkey who fills up his car and checks his oil does it in about thirty seconds! That's a Mercedes, for gosh sakes! It must have at least a twenty-gallon tank! She's getting ready to go to work [amazingly! So it's early in the morning. Shouldn't Ray be doing something like He just stops by and has a pleasant conversation with Jenna for no reason. That kid must have eagle eyes. He tells Donna that he 'bought' a house for them to live in.

I thought he was going to build their new dream home Suddenly, everybody and his brother are eating at the Oil Baron's Club! Don't they have standards? I just shook my head at all these losers that were fawning over Mandy. I think a pair of jeans, t- shirts, kurta and pyjama and most importantly sunscreen lotion — and off you go!! Masulipatnam is not Goa. Its not like every city on the Indian coast, needs to be so. The place has its own heart, a very beautiful one, with people who gives it a different essence. I have never been to any small town in South India and Masulipatnam was my first attempt, and I can say it was worth.

It does not have any scenic beauty of Switzerland, but you can feel the warmth that the city depicts. We landed up in a small but comforting place, and was looking forward for the coming 3 days and 2 nights over there. If anyone, like me is a fish addict, Masulipatnam is the place for whole new surprises. I still lick my fingers when I recall those delicious fish curries that I plunge into. So guys, forget about food poisoning, forget about cleanliness, pour your heart out and just eat. I did not have the privilege to see the latter two, but I did see Minerva Talkies, but unfortunately at that very moment my camera left me for some other world.

Another significant feature were the number of houses in North Indian style, not to mention one mansion also, with glazed tiles, colorful glasses in the windows and frequent presence of pillars, being quite uncommon from what is generally seen in there. I had the chance of walking through the streets and enjoying every scene in right momentum. Masulipatnam was important for the colonial Britishers as one of the principle ports, where trading activities were quite ramp anent. There is nothing extra ordinary in this small city, but it will be you responsibility to find out that one single moment which you shall treasure through out. India has so much to offer us, not in terms of its metro culture or rapid up-gradation of cities to compete with the world scenario, but through these small cities, which are, even today thriving with their own beauty.

My work led me to the scenic beaches of the place, and it was so so clean. Probably it will take another 50 yrs to become another Goa, but the beaches were so pristine, untouched by the human presence. The main sea beach is approximately 15kms away from the main city of Machilipatnam, much nearer to small village called Chilkalapudi. The beach is long, broad, and pristine, with pale blonde sands. It has a natural bay with shallow waters. There is an old light house, which is still standing. You can travel to these beaches in autos and buses, and of course the main time to visit is early morning. I shall not ask you to seat there and write poetry, but it is my heartiest request to forget the useless intricacies of life at least for 5 mins, and to enjoy what the mother nature has to offer.

Standing on that beach my imagination took me some yrs back, where I could see hundreds of colossal colonial ships sailing through the Indian Ocean and reaching the Masulipatnam port. How grand it would have looked, with people working and mingling. Wish I was born at that time. If you are fashion conscious, and even if you are not, one place you should never miss are the places for Block Printing on fabrics. It was simply amazing and astonishing to see how these beautiful clothes which we supposedly buy from places like Fab India and Prapti, get produced by so much hardship.

There were men and women, elderly ones who working for like 7 to 8 hrs per day, with these beautiful blocks and fabulous colors and giving it a perfect shape. It was whole new world all together. Each and every person out there had a different story to say. Each had different expectations from life.

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