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We continued to chat for a bit but my mind was occupied elsewhere so it just sort of fizzled out. I sat with my eyes closed and all trembled, but not from the cold, but from Souts events. Bexk species of badger. An unmeaning expletive, frequently used by the vulgar Irish. To hang an arse; to hang back, to be afraid to advance. He would lend his a-e and sh-te through his ribs; a saying of broughhton one who lends his money inconsiderately. He would lose his a-e if it was loose; said of a careless person. A-e about; turn round. To fall arsy varsey, i. Arthur, king arthur, A game used at sea, bwck near the line, or in a hot latitude.

It is performed thus: A man becck is to represent king Arthur, ridiculously dressed, having a large wig made out of oakum, or some old swabs, is seated on the side, or over a large vessel of water. Every person in his turn is to be ceremoniously introduced to him, and to pour a bucket of water over him, crying, hail, king Arthur! Breeches; coat, waistcoat, and articles. Ask, or Ax my A-E. A common reply to any question; still deemed wit at sea, and formerly at court, under the denomination of selling bargains. Athanasian wench, or Quicunque vult.

A forward girl, ready to oblige every man that shall ask her. Mine aunt; a bawd or procuress: Avoir du pois lay. Stealing brass weights off the counters of shops. Autem cacklers, autem prickears. Dissenters of every denomination. A conventicle or meeting-house for dissenters. Pickpockets who practice in churches; also churchwardens and overseers of the poor. A married woman; also a female beggar with several children hired or borrowed to excite charity. Acquainted with, knowing the business. Stow the books, the culls are awake; hide the cards, the fellows know what we intended to do.

Babes in the wood. Criminals in the stocks, or pillory. Confused, unintelligible talk, such as was used at the building the tower of Babel. One who slanders another behind his back, i. His bosom friends are become his back biters, said of a lousy man. His back is up, i. An allusion also sometimes used to jeer a crooked man; as, So, Sir, I see somebody has offended you, for your back is up. He has saved his bacon; he has escaped. He has a good voice to beg bacon; a saying in ridicule of a bad voice. Back door Usher, or Gentleman of the. A term used for one burned in the hand. He has got his badge, and piked; he was burned in the hand, and is at liberty.

A crew of desperate villains who robbed near rivers, into which they threw the bodies of those they murdered. He gave them the bag, i. He squints like a bag of nails; i. The old Bag of nails at Pimlico; originally the Bacchanals. Heavy baggage; women and children. Fourteen; that number of rolls being allowed to the purchasers of a dozen. One whose knees knock together in walking, as if kneading dough. The testicles of a man or beast; also a vulgar nick name for a parson. His brains are in his ballocks, a cant saying to designate a fool.

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A bailiff or his follower; also a very fierce mastiff: Quite the thing, hellish fine. In a handsome stile. A bang up cove; a dashing fellow who spends his money freely. To bang up prime: Great; a fine banging boy. A nick name for a thresher, but applied to all the servants of a farmer. A one-horse chaise, said to be so called by a Lord Chief Justice, from their being so frequently used on Sunday jaunts by extravagant shop-keepers and tradesmen. A horse famous for playing tricks, the property of one Banks. A sea term for those days on which no meat is allowed to the sailors: Rum, brandy, or any other spirits, that have been lowered with water.

A standing pole and two wash balls. To sell a bargain; a species of wit, much in vogue about the latter end of the reign of Queen Anne, and frequently alluded to by Dean Swift, who says the maids of honour often amused themselves with it. It consisted in the seller naming his or her hinder parts, in answer to the question, What? As a specimen, take the following instance: A lady would come into a room full of company, apparently in a fright, crying out, It is white, and follows me! On any of the company asking, What? Barge-men on the river. A member or candidate for Barkshire, said of one troubled with a cough, vulgarly styled barking.

Pistols, from their explosion resembling the bow-wow or barking of a dog.

Bit by a barn mouse, tipsey, probably from an allusion to barley. An old dance to a quick movement. See Cotton, in his Virgil Sluts in broughton beck where, speaking of Eolus he has these lines, Bounce cry the port-holes, out they fly, And make the world dance Barnaby. A good job, or snack easily got: He died of the barrel fever; he killed himself by drinking. A man under sentence of transportation; alluding to the convicts at Woolwich, who are principally employed in wheeling barrows full of brick or dirt. A person dressed up in a tawdry manner, like the dolls or babies sold at Bartholomew fair. He grins like a basket of chips: The child of an unmarried woman. Beating any one with a stick; from baton, a stick, formerly spelt baston.

We had a pretty batch of it last night; we had a hearty dose of Sluts in broughton beck. Batch originally means the whole quantity of bread baked at one time in an oven. The cove has hushed the battner; i. Bread and cheese and kisses. A battle or bout at cudgels or fisty-cuffs, wherein more than two persons are engaged: The twenty-third rank of canters, who carry pins, tape, ballads, and obscene books to sell, but live mostly by stealing. A very small bottle; short measure being among the many means used by the keepers of Free casual dating in sulphur la 70663 houses, to gain what they call an honest livelihood: A term of ridicule applied to convicts, who sham illness, to avoid being sent to Botany Bay.

Bayard of ten toes. To ride bayard of ten toes, is to walk on foot. Bayard was a horse famous in old romances, Beak. A justice of-peace, or magistrate. Also a judge or chairman who presides in court. Half bean; half a guinea. As the bear sells the stock he is not possessed of, so the bull purchases what he has not money to pay for; but in case of any alteration in the price agreed on, either party pays or receives the difference. Bear-garden jaw or Discourse. Rude, vulgar language, such as was used at the bear-gardens. A man much given to wenching. To drink like a beast, i. Beast with two backs. A man and woman in the act of copulation.

A slovenly fop; one finely dressed, but dirty. A loose stone in a pavement, under which water lodges, and on being trod upon, squirts it up, to the great damage of white stockings; also a sharper neatly dressed, lying in wait for raw country squires, or ignorant fops. A piece of sea wit, sported in hot weather. I am becalmed, the sail sticks to the mast; that is, my shirt sticks to my back. His prad is becalmed; his horse knocked up. Put to bed with a mattock, and tucked up with a spade; said of one that is dead and buried.

You will go up a ladder to bed, i. I am for Bedfordshire, i. Dressed out, over-dressed, or awkwardly ornamented. They will put their hands to any thing, and are generally blest with a pretty family of daughters: To cry beef; to give the alarm. They have cried beef on us. Say you bought your beef of me, a jocular request from a butcher to a fat man, implying that he credits the butcher who serves him. A yeoman of the guards, instituted by Henry Vii. Their office was to stand near the bouffet, or cupboard, thence called Bouffetiers, since corrupted to Beef Eaters. One having thick projecting eyebrows. A publican, or ale-house keeper.

All sorts of beer; that liquor being apt to cause eructation. A red silk handkerchief, intermixed with yellow and a little black. The kiddey flashes his belcher; the young fellow wears a silk handkerchief round his neck. Bell, book, and candle. They cursed him with bell, book, and candle; an allusion to the popish form of excommunicating and anathematizing persons who had offended the church. To bear the bell. To excel or surpass all competitors, to be the principal in a body or society; an allusion to the fore horse or leader of a team, whose harness is commonly ornamented with a bell or bells. Some suppose it a term borrowed from an ancient tournament, where the victorious knights bore away the Belle or Fair lady.

Others derive it from a horse-race, or other rural contentions, where bells were frequently given as prizes. His eye was bigger than his belly; a saying of a person at a table, who takes more on his plate than he can eat. A hearty beating, sufficient to make a man yield or give out.

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A woman with child is also bdoughton to have got her belly full. Food of all sorts. A noisy bullying fellow. The chief or leader bcek a mob; an idea taken from a Sluts in broughton beck of sheep, where the wether has a bell about his neck. Good beer, or other strong liquor. Bene feakers of gybes. A cant name for certain places in London, privileged against arrests, like the Mint in Southwark, Ben. These privileges are abolished. Then the couple would insert all of them directly into their shaved major cunt or perhaps soaked anus and sex themselves because really hard as is possible.

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