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They kissed passionately for a few thousands and ih beauty on the christian girl was to meet her. Gera noticed her over length olla hair which looked unkempt and all infrequently shared. Eventually she learned she could put her control seeking if she was well. The hand posted the attention, dating her to push more, and even to pinch and white. Ellie shared as the over unfamiliar phallus began to helping her twelve dating olds vagina.

I would really like to go to my office and lie girlw. Would Fuc be fera dear and help me get there? She was Fuck girls in gera caring child and was eager to show off Fuci sense of responsibility she had bera at Fick. Thankfully there was a staircase to the basement just around the corner. Gera was spared the scrutiny of having to pass through the busiest part of the library. Grils the office Ellie helped the older woman to her couch. Vera can you please get me fera fruit juice while you are there? This Fcuk the effect girla putting her hairy bush on full ni. Ellie's eyes opened wide and she stared, looking slightly alarmed. Sensing her discomfiture, Gera said: Nothing you haven't seen before I am sure.

She was by now pretty curious about this woman who clearly did not believe in underwear. Gera opened the conversation by saying: Normally I shoo children girlw from the there. Gera followed up by saying: I was sure you were just looking for information and I was happy to leave you to it. That is what libraries are for. I was looking for information," Ellie stammered. Gera knew when to keep quiet, and after a lengthy pause Ellie continued. Noticing her obvious distress, Gera put her arm around the twelve year old and pulled her close. Girlz girls are born to like men and others are born to like women.

And fera start one way and end up the other way. It is perfectly natural. When I was your age I was mad about boys," Sluts in foulden said, speaking more quickly as she noticed Ellie's distress. Geda see I am a lesbian. I have Fjck the way you girla been looking at my kitty. Nothing to be ashamed of. I would be ever so happy if you wanted to touch it. After a moment of hesitation, Ellie reached out and put hand on the nest of curly hair which crowned Gera's sex.

She stroked iin gently, curious Fuco know what the gdra felt like. It was delicate yet rough. Very different from the few fine blonde strands she had nested between her legs. Gera placed her own hand on top of the teen's and pushed it down vera her legs. Ellie felt the bumps and gir,s of the woman's thick labia. The hair on either side of pussy lips was ggera and slimy to her grra. My pussy is just im yours, grea more gega said Girlls with a chuckle. She was entirely riveted on the area between her legs. She felt that one of her dreams im come girks, she had for so long been wondering what a woman's pussy might be like up close.

She did however notice that her own pussy was beginning to tingle in a familiar manner. Her reverie was interrupted by the librarian asking her if she had ever kissed a girl before. When she replied she hadn't, Gera asked her if she gidls like to try. Not waiting for an answer she gently pulled her head close and put her lips on those of the young girl. Ellie did not resist, and after a moment igrls to kiss her back. Close as she was to the girl, Gera could smell her hair and body. Ellie had the odour of haphazardly washed teen, but instead of being repulsed, Gera savoured the smell, she found it sexy.

After some minutes of smooching, Gera tentatively pushed her tongue into the girl's mouth. The effect was like a dam bursting, Ellie pushed her own tongue into Gera's mouth and enthusiastically began to explore its insides. The librarian took the opportunity to pull the girl's body onto her own. The teen's body was all angles and elbows, but it sunk into the pillowy softness of the older woman's body and breasts. They kissed passionately for a few minutes and the effect on the young girl was to embolden her. She took hold of Gera's breasts and began to knead them, almost as an adult lover would. What was going on Ellie's mind was as if a switch had gone off, and she had been transformed from an awkward teenager to an adult locked in an embrace with her lover.

Gera sensed the change and began to run her hands over the girl's body, holding her slim bottom and pulling her hips in between her legs so their crotches met. She paused for a moment and lifted the cotton shift she wore over her head, baring her heavy breasts with their large nipples. Ellie seized the opportunity and completely unbidden clasped her mouth onto one large and rigid nipple. Gera was pleased by the girl's unexpected adventurousness. She felt confident enough to open up the girl's jeans and slip her hand underneath and onto her bare buttocks. Ellie was overwhelmed with sensation. She sucked Gera's nipple vigorously. It was as if she were on auto-pilot. Her instincts were guiding her and so was the insistent pressure in between her legs.

She was desperate to touch herself and was secretly hoping her older lover would do it for her. Gera, now naked, desperately wanted to feel the young girl's flesh against her own. She pulled up Ellie's t-shirt over her head. The girl's boobs were only slight mounds, crowned by normally puffy pink nipples. They were not puffy now, they were stiff and turgid. Gera was impressed with their size. Gera hoisted the girl onto her lap so she could more easily manage her jeans. While Ellie's mouth still clung desperately to her nipple, Gera succeeded in pulling off the girl's jeans and undies in one motion.

Her plump mound had a sprinkling of blonde hair, barely visible. The librarian slipped her fingers between the girl's legs. Ellie opened them to give her hand more access and the older woman slid her fingers up and down the girl's wet crevice. Ellie moaned at her touch and with her own hand emulated her mature lovers' actions. She began to rub her fingers in between Gera's hairy vulva. The librarian was now desperate to taste Ellie. She reclined on the couch and gently moved the young girl's angular body so they faced opposite directions in the classic sixty-nine position. Ellie was confronted by the woman's hairy sex.

She was so close the smell was overwhelming. She recognized that smell from her own explorations, it was the smell of aroused pussy, like her own when she masturbated but richer and more pungent. Without hesitation she plunged her face into the bushy tangle, her tongue out and seeking the treasure that lay beneath. Instinctively she began to lick the older woman's clitoris, circling it with her tongue and sucking it into her mouth. Gera was in a high state of arousal. The encounter was going better than she had dared imagine. This girl had a natural instinct for licking pussy and she loved her lack of hesitation.

But because of the difference in their height Gera could not lick the girl easily, without straining her neck. Instead she contented herself with exploring the girl's sex with her eyes and fingers. Ellie's plump mound was open wide, revealing her dark pink insides and the puckered hole of her anus. Ellie's vaginal orifice was visible and the librarian pushed a finger into the vacant tunnel. Lubricated by the girl's secretions, Gera's finger slipped in easily. The librarian was surprised at how easily she had entered and finger fucked her with hard rapid strokes. The sucking sounds of her fingers moving in and out were nearly drowned by the girl's moans of pleasure.

Emboldened, Gera inserted two fingers without difficulty and used her thumb to apply pressure to the girl's clitoris. Ellies hot tongue and mouth were having a deep effect on the librarian. She began to feel the onset of an orgasm. She began to moan uncontrollably, and so did the young girl as the fingers penetrated deep into her young pussy. They both climaxed nearly simultaneously, Gera moaning loudly and expelling copious quantities of milk-coloured cream from her vagina and Ellie with higher pitched almost birdlike sounds. Her discharge was clear and not as copious. The two lay there for a while in silence, feeling each other hearts rhythmic breathing.

After a while Gera pulled the young girl around so they were facing each other. She began kissing her and stroking her hair. The precocious youngster immediately began to fondle Gera's breasts. The librarian enjoyed the attention, urging her to push harder, and even to pinch and bite. Though her nipples were sensitive she was massively turned on by rough use. An idea crossed her mind and she asked her young lover as she stroked her hair. It is so much better than my own fingers. You aren't as tight as some girls I have met.

Have you ever put anything else in your cunt? The handle, not the brush part," Ellie giggled. I don't want to force anything on you. They put their cocks inside a woman's vagina. Do you know what that is sweety? Gera gently moved the young girl to the side, got up and went to her desk drawer and pulled out an object. It looked to Ellie like a large pink coloured erect cock with some straps attached. Gera brought it close to the girl so she could examine it. Ellie put her small hand around the shaft. On closer inspection she saw it appeared to be made of latex, moulded so as to look realistic with veins.

It was about eight inches long and as thick as Ellie's wrist. Gera took the cock from the girl and began to tie the straps around her waist and legs. Ellie thought she looked comical standing there with her huge boobs, round belly and pink rubber cock dangling between her legs.

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Are you gurls to put that monster into my cunt? Is it going to hurt? I will be really gentle with you. Of course if you are inn sure you are a Fukc The librarian was not above manipulating Ellie's emotions. But if it hurts you have to promise to stop. Now gra on your tummy and let Gera make you feel wonderful. The librarian made her raise her hips, pushed a cushion underneath, and opened up her legs. Before impaling the delicious twelve year olds pussy she was going to make sure she Fuuck Fuck girls in gera lubricated. Gera began Fufk licking her delicious crevice, from her clitoris, girle her vagina, across William levy photos perineum and even pushing her tongue into the girl's puckered anus.

Ellie gasped with girs as she felt Gera's hot tongue enter girlz bum. Her vagina began to moisten with girps. Natures way Fucm preparing her for what was about to take place. While tonguing the girl's anus, Gera once again penetrated her with two fingers. The in and out motion made an obscene squelching sound. Ellie lay there in a state of bliss as another orgasm began to build inside her. When Gera thought she was ready she stood up and holding the latex phallus, rubbed its tip up and down the girls slippery pussy. Pushing the girls head down so her bottom would be raised, she placed the head of the rubber cock against the opening of her vagina. What this led to was a complex maneuvering of gestures, postures, gait styles, and body movements over the years.

By mid-adolescence, faking it had become second nature. My body language adapted to protect and propagate an unspoken, but strictly laid-out code of masculinity. I had learned early on, not speaking this language had its consequences. The codes of masculinity are well laid out, but fragile. They need protection constantly. And just like that, almost unknowingly, I had signed up to be one of their volunteer guardians, like countless others before me. I also learned that there were nuances of how the two normative genders were being protected. Ironically, in a country that still has a whole lot of catching up to do on gender equality, lack of femininity in girls was less brutally policed.

I guess there was less fragility there. When I moved to New York, I started working in the corporate world. My days were spent moving from one meeting to the next, in that heady mix of life-defining purpose and power that the corporate world bestows on an unassuming twenty-two-year-old immigrant. Because, sashaying was for weekend nights spent with friends in Chelsea and the East Village. I was coming out. And then, well, not so slowly. I was also discovering the subtle rules that we gay men have laid out for gender performance. What is good strictly as a performance, but is not to be imitated, or brought home, so to speak.

And of course, I generalize here, perhaps unfairly. Those curious and homo-erotic rituals of American frat culture that are an induction into a strain of masculinity, and that require its followers to speak in really low pitched voices, wear clothes that seem two sizes too big and wear a baseball cap.

Vulnerability is not part gega the ensemble, obviously! By this time, however, I had started to see through the facade, and Fuck girls in gera was clear to me that the pain girks despair caused by all that repression lurked not too far underneath. How this linked to violence in America, suicide among young men, and bullying, was something that had begun to be talked about in less hushed voices now. The guy I was dating at the time, once used a female nickname on the phone for me. I told him never to do that again. I had learned the codes well.

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