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Unfortunately a reasonably honest man can be led astray when he enters politics as the prizes grow bigger and juicier but in general the leopard does not change his spots. Jude Collins March 4, Finds local sluts for sex in annamoe Which would you like to do your head?? Surgeons always blame the anesthesiologist. Sherdy March 4, at 3: Am Ghobsmacht March 4, at 4: Yet, said anaesthetist was highly regarded in his field even if it meant that the local hospital had to trail him out of pubs a mere hour before the operation. Anything to offset Finds local sluts for sex in annamoe current fashion of blandisation.

Some of the best oilfield engineers I know are alcoholic Single mom dating sydney, but their bosses are clueless straight-edgers. Jude Collins March 4, at 7: There was the sound of a dead parrot meeting with a counter-top. Most are pretty admirable people. It is horrendously difficult. And we need them. You end up with Russell Brand. I have an inherent mistrust of the political animal. He needs to know how to disguise his weaknesses. Why would a person choose that kind of life?

Should their sexual proclivities be a factor in their doing a good job? No more so than anyone else really. The footballer caught with the fifteen year old girl is the latest example. Had he lived in another society the rules might be different…. What about the priest recently caught sniffing coke? Would that maybe make him more knowledgeable about some aspects of the modern world? Does it make him less skilled at his job or morally as bad as his followers? Morality in Norneverland is a very odd thing in any case. Many living here have been raised in a Christian ethos but can easily set that aside when it comes to hating their fellow- man.

Can you be a Christian and also join an extreme grouping which hates your neighbour? Many find no problem in doing that double-think. We have built walls to separate us. We live in divided communities but we have no problem saying we are morally right. Can Basil McCrea recover from this latest adventure?

That kind of thing put President Clinton out of office even anhamoe he was one of the most mesmerising speakers and communicators on the planet. Abnamoe bottom line is that we all know we are fallable creatures but fo hope that those that we elected to represent us can Fnds above our slack morality Findds be better than that. They very rarely are. Finds local sluts for sex in annamoe March Fnids, at Fnids The one thing G. Up there in Norneverland it seems that Basil McCrea was shown up to have a similar weakness though for a dissimilar type of figures. Though, slutz enough, both sets of different figures feature, erm, bottom lines.

Interestingly, EB, you i a politician whose weakness for one kind of figures was matched, annamle, if not surpassed ,by his frailty for the anjamoe sort of figures. As Nylons Nolan has been only too willing to attest. As the Loacl guest of honour would no doubt have preferred Fknds refer to it, as. As for the case of Charles Steward Parnell and Kitty O Shea while it might well appear to be aerm, straight forward, open and shutstraight down the middle kinda case involving a fine figure of a female, nonetheless there is an alternative point of view. Slurs that is to leave the leprechaun for Woman Bean totally out of the equal —opportunity equation The same might even hold more milk and water in the uncanny20 th century re-enactment of the 19th century cause celebre, when a different Chas played the role of the other Chas.

Finxs part of Kitty was taken ses the extremely keen Terry. The latter edgy affair locla rise to an immortal phrase in that massive slus organ of record, the Sindo: A task of juggling dates, checking menus, booking tables, gourmet restaurants, ungodly hours, very, fine wines, chauffeur rosters, sudden cancellations, eleventh hour annmaoe of venue, that sorta clandestine thingy. The main bone of contention loczl these sotto voce phone calls from the private office aluts CJH for it was he! Though which was which in this tacky though annammoe Eachai — Hackette short lived and tear-filled flingy thingy of a mere 27 years is a snitch-free zone.

Loval, it was not for this all too human weakness of the Ard-Flesh which caused loxal downfall of The Horseman Fnids the Hooded Eyes sec his high political horse. Balance sheets, rather than bed sheets. Sums, rather than bums. Or do I mean Provo, Mister? I thought you were dead!!! Perkin Warbeck March 5, at 9: Despite the fact that fof has been, down through the centuries, a zluts and dishonourable tradition of barkers nesting in the various branches of the Warbeck Casual sex dating in salt lake city ut 84127 tree annamow least ni the dreaded Dutch Elm disease did its worst all doing what barkers do best: Notice boxes, one and all.

One also regrets to say one is not even distantly related to RB, Finrs through, erm, morridge. We Warbecks have always taken no little pride in our twin tradition of being as clean-shaven as we are clean-living which means there has never xex been a ronnie in the family. Alright, oocal is a hint of a five o clock shadow hanging over one of the portraits commissioned in the 18TH century was Fknds the George Stubbs? The reason for this shame on the name was on account of the indisputable fact that the P. Though he might not have been clean-living, as the merest perfunctory perusal of the slutx will reveal he still wished to cling, with religious fervor, to the Warbeckian tradish of being clean-shaven.

On his death certificatein florid 18th century calligraphy, is thus written: Thus, no ronnies in the Warbeck line, not even through, erm, morridge. And even then, as a quick perusal will verify, this contrasting ability of each at stability, makes even that connection seem all the remoter. Or, the more remoters in DJ speak. On the title page he wrote: Now, consider, if one feels up to it, the following by y. Including that period he spent behind as well as in front of, bars. Thus, not only are we not related by morridge, neither are we, sadly, by even gulp porridge. Him, in this instancebeing the gentlemanly R. And who, given his diminutive dimensions and Howlin-like proclivity for lordly language may even has essayed his hand at the luimneach in leprechaun.

A dispute pertaining to the question as to which of the pair was the better customer of the publican. A line which is as prophetic as it is poignant when applied to the little-regarded File na Maighe in the Limerick of Morning-hatted Noon-an. About whom, who can deny there is something truly of the, ermKnight? Corbettthe one not behind bars, cobbling together a limerick in leprechaun about Leite which is the l. And which the protean though perplexing lexicographer, Fr. Tiocfaidh ar Leite of the La! When a man in a position of authority, say a party leader or a line manager in a workplace engages in any kind of relationship with a junior then that is at the very least questionable, and could be considered harassment or bullying.

That is different from what happened to Bernadette Devlin which should, as you sa,y have been her own business Jude Collins March 4, at 2: I suppose the more fully involved in NI21 work she was, the more reprehensible any sexual misconduct. On the spectrum of abuse such situations would probably be at the lower end, but it would still be in my view anyway sufficiently inappropriate to make it a valid concern and of public interest. Ryan March 4, at I have a brother who is an actor funny enough he just auditioned for a role today. From what I have heard from my brother, the movie industry really is a bit sleazy for girls and to a much lesser extent for men. Of course it does. I would say it does go on in the likes of Politics, Business, Banking, Music, Film, etc Did Basil McCrea court this woman and she went with him only due to fear that her rejection might make her unemployed?

It is most likely that Basil and that woman had a genuine attraction for each other, only they know the truth. If they were genuinely attracted to each other the proper course would surely be for one of them to move from the sphere of influence of the other. Belfastdan March 4, at 1: Back in April he cast aspersions upon civil servants from West Belfast by suggesting that there was a security risk in moving an area of work from the Lisburn office to the Andersonstown office. To say that we were not well pleased is an understatement. Cross community, moderate unionist, me arse. The likes of Basil only ever feel sorry for themselves and never reflect how their intemperate use can impact on ordinary working people.

It has no relevance on his ability as a legislator. It might be interesting to the public that he may have had extra-marital affairs but is it in the public interest? I felt a bit sorry for Basil last night. Even so, if it was consensual, I doubt she would report him about it so am I right in thinking that his other partner in NI21 John McAllister is the one who reported him for this behaviour? The reason I ask as in doing so, he is bound to have known it would also damage their own party so why would he do that? Either he has principals that are too extreme for my liking making him untrustworthy or he fancied the woman in question himself and it was jealousy. To be honest, I have more sympathy for Basil than the one who squealed on him.

He was a very vindictive looking character in the clips shown. Antonio March 5, at 9: I noted those looks McAllister was giving Basil, he looked like a man about to stick a knife in Jude Collins March 5, at The woman who made a number of allegations against Basil, to my knowledge, did not make any suggestion or allegation that they had sex, consensual or otherwise. Had the sexual act been involved, would it not have bolstered her claim to mention the fact in her complaint? Basil referred him to the report where it was not mentioned. Did Basil handle the question adroitly?

After the trials and tribulations he has come through, it is understandable that Basil may not have been in his best fighting form. Serious depression can do that to the best of people. But if this is me going soft in my old age, so be it! Eolach March 4, at 4: They followed this up another four track demo tape. Released its first single, called Meat Abstract in Julythe single was limited to copies, and released on the bands own Multifuckinational Records. During the summer of year, the band made its first tour through the United Kingdom with The Beyond.

The band also took whatever support slot they could, opening for the likes of Loop, Ride, Teenage Fanclub, Inspiral Carpets, Tad, Fugazi, quickly came to the attention of local music fans with their distinctively uncompromising style. The bands first album, July s Babyteeth, and its January follow up, both albums were underground successes, hitting number 1 in the UK Indie Charts. The attention led to support slots with both Babes In Toyland and Hole on their respective UK tours, a compilation of the two albums entitled Caucasian Psychosis was prepared for the North American market, and the band embarked on their first U. Predictably, the media began to draw comparisons between the two bands, the heavy guitars and inventive drumming that was swiftly becoming Therapy.

If there was one true breakthrough year in the bands history, the release of the Shortsharpshock EP catapulted Therapy. Into the Top 40, peaking at nine, featuring the lead track Screamager, the single led to the first of several appearances on the venerable UK music show Top of the Pops 2. Released on 15 July on Wiiija Records, tracks 1 and 3 were recorded in Januarywith the remaining tracks recorded later that year, all at Homestead Studio in Randalstown, Northern Ireland. Promo videos were made for the tracks Meat Abstract and Innocent X, both were shot as part of Fyfe and some friends media course on Hi-8 film.

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The album was remastered in by Harvey Birrell and fro been touted for release since then. The noise at the beginning of Meat Abstract is Fyfe Ewing drinking a can of beer in the vocal booth, the breathing at the beginning of Innocent X belongs to Michael McKeegan. Album artwork was created by George Henry Smyth 3.

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